About The Comic
“Mario and Luigi: Misadventures” is a sprite comic started in June 2006. It features Mario and Luigi as they fight against their old enemies. Prepare for lots of action and humour as they fight some of the strongest enemies they have ever faced.

During the 4 years that they comic the quality of the comics has steadily improved so if you want to skip some of the older lower quality ones it should be safe to start from this comic without having missed too much.

The Cast

A confident adventurer and with good reasons. Has battled countless foes and has been to hundreds of castles some of which even contained a Princess.

He has never quite managed to live up to his brothers reputation due to his clumsiness. But when needed he is always there and often offers Mario the help he needs.

Mario’s nemesis, who has tried to kidnap Princess Peach on numerous occasions. Never to any success. He is loud-mouthed, easily provoked and greedy. Still, you have to give him points for effort.

Princess Peach and Daisy
The two princess that rule over various regions of The Mushroom Kingdom. While good leaders and kind people it has never occurred to them to increases security, to prevent further kidnappings.

Cackletta’s most loyal minion. Has the ability to fly and shoot electricity. He goes through a lot of effort to kidnap the Beanstar in an attempt to revive Cackletta. Surely that will never work?

A past enemy of Mario and Luigi. Died during her attempt to take over the Beanbean Kingdom.

“Green” Koopa
Arrogant, frightend and loud seem to sum him up quite nicely. He does however get along with “Green” and shows signs of bravery on occasion.

“Red” Koopa
A rather naïve Koopa that will always be optimistic regardless of the outcome. His adventurous side gets the best of him most of the time causing rash decisions to be made.


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