July 17th, 2006, 6:17 am


  pmier747 says:                                                                                                          
He's tired
Not much to say except that Mario is really tired.
Also my sister started a webcomic check it out
-Posted on July 17th, 2006, 6:25 am

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-Posted on October 21st, 2018, 2:58 am

  Ghost the Echidna says:                                                        
well, yeah.
i'd be sleeping too, so...
-Posted on July 17th, 2006, 8:41 am

  Ghost the Echidna says:                                                        
and sheep_giraffe...
and Sheep_giraffe, the comment area is kind of both a commenting area and a spot to talk back and fourth if one of the comments spark conversation. Also, I love your pikmin comics. ^^
-Posted on July 17th, 2006, 8:43 am

  Ghost the Echidna says:                                                        
Theres that awkward silence again!!!
-Posted on July 17th, 2006, 10:24 am

  pmier747 says:                                                        
Sorry I haven't comented I was busy with something.
Working on a new Comic now
-Posted on July 17th, 2006, 11:22 am

  candygirl says:                                                        
Mario so cute wen he sleeps~
-Posted on April 26th, 2007, 6:06 pm

  James Birdsong (Guest) says:                                                        

-Posted on November 27th, 2008, 11:08 am

  Luigifangirl (Guest) says:                                                        
Mario's Sheeping o_o
O_o i be Sheeping if he go on O_O!
-Posted on July 1st, 2010, 1:03 pm
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