September 14th, 2006, 12:31 pm


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-Posted on April 21st, 2018, 5:43 pm

  pmier747 says:                                                        

I'll change that later on.
-Posted on September 14th, 2006, 1:40 pm

  Mr. Jack says:                                                        

And Mario says "Life's" instead of "lives".
-Posted on September 14th, 2006, 5:10 pm

  Ghost the Echidna says:                                                        

MY EMERALD! grrrrr!
-Posted on September 14th, 2006, 6:41 pm

  OmegaX5000 (Guest) says:                                                        

Actually, Eggman's done that at least 10 times (in the games and tv shows, probably also in other comics too.)
-Posted on October 14th, 2006, 3:13 pm

  Luigi14 (Guest) says:                                                        
new character
LINK! WALUIGI! kirby?! a new character would be great
-Posted on February 8th, 2008, 11:49 am

  mariosonicmegaman says:                                                        

its i came to save you not safe
-Posted on July 24th, 2009, 6:47 pm
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