Frequently Asked Questions
When do you update?
I don’t have an update schedule but I aim for once a week.

What do you use to make the comics?
MS Paint for the Sprites and Adobe Photoshop for the comic itself.

How do you make those special effects?
I don’t really have a set method in most cases I just doodle some lines and the blur and smudge them. Following that I mess around with the layer styles until I get the desired effect.
I also use a lot of the effects found on this page.

Will you link me?
As long as your comic is of a reasonable standard and still active. Sure, just send me a PM and I’ll check it out.

Can you help me with HTML?
I could do it, but you would honestly be better going to the Smackjeeves forums or Googling it.

Why haven’t you replied my E-Mail/PM?
I apologise if I haven’t, I often forget. If I haven’t replied in 3 days just send me a quick reminder.
This comic really says it all.

Will you continue the comic after this story arc is over?
No, I’m finished with the comic at this point and would like to move onto other things. If I kept this comic going it would just turn into and even bigger mess that would eventually die due to neglect.


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