Diversity is an old gag-a-day comic about videogames and other topics.
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25 Pokemon
25 Pokemon is set in the world of Pokemon at the point where the Pokedex is nearly complete. The comic features a trainer, David, who tries to capture the remaining 25 Pokemons. The series was abandoned mostly due to poor planning and loss of intrest.
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This comic was a comic featuring Luigi as he loses his memory and is manipulated by Bowser. The series was cancelled because I really didn't think further than that.
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Various Comics
Mario and Luigi - Beanstar Saga: My attempt at remaking this comic. It never got much further than the first issue before I decided to finish this comic instead.
MegaGravity - A comic made for a sprite comic competition. The theme was Megaman.
Life on Spordik: Comic 1, Comic 2 - My attempt at a Spore comic.
Unnamed Comic: Comic 1, Comic 2, Comic 3 - Just some random comics featuring my own character.
Super Mario Bros: Retold For some reason I thought retelling Super Mario Bros would be a good idea. If anybody could tell me what I was thinking when I made this it would be much appreciated.
Pirate Tale - You are what you wear.
Megaman.EXE - People are always interrupting you when you're playing video games.
Chrono Chronicles: Comic 1, Comic 2, Comic 3 - My attempt at retelling Chrono Trigger.
Bowser Goes Over 9000 - See Title
Smackjeeves Sprite Fight 1 Entry - This was for a competition running several years ago. The idea was that we were all given some sprite sheets and had to make a comic using the sprites.
Smackjeeves Sprite Fight 2 Entry - My entry for the second and last sprite fight.
Let's Brawl Guest Comic - My guest comic for Dark Hamster Lords comic Let's Brawl.
My Own Little Space - This was an old comic for a series intended to be voting incentives for MLMA.
Drshnaps Sprite Comic Entries: Comic 1, Comic 2, Comic 3, Comic 4 - Various Entries for Sprite competition based on various themes.


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