How to make Speed Lines
This tutorial will teach you how to make speedlines using Adobe Photoshop.
Firstly get an image you want to apply speedlines to.

Now create a new layer and make it completly white.
Go to Filters --> Noise --> Add Noise.
Then change the setting to look like this.

You can mess around with the percentage until you get something that suits you.
Next select the Single Row Marquee Tool.

Select a row then use the transform tool (Ctrl + T) to drage it all the length of the panel

If you want the speed lines to go around the panel focusing on the center, you will have to go to Filters --> Distort --> Polar Coordinates.

If you only want the Black lines to be visible change the layer style to 'Multiply', but if you only want the white lines to be visible change it to 'Screen' instead.

Next you will want to create a Layer Mask. Select the layer with the speed lines and then the layer mask button.

What this does is create a transperency layer. If you draw with a black brush anything you draw on will be transparent, white is visible. So the darker the more transparent.Select the gradient tool and draw a black and white gradient coming out from the center. You should end up with something like this.

So using this you can create a variety of effects. Try to experiment with it.


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